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Distance Kant Bishkek for car or truck driving

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Distance from Kant Length of section
Distance 23 km   Driving time 59 min
A -
Kant, Chuy Province, KG
Кант (въезд)
3.3 km 00:07
3.3 km 00:07
Бишкек (въезд)
6.4 km 00:10
3.1 km 00:03
15 km 00:28
8.9 km 00:18
B -
23 km 00:59
7.9 km 00:31
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Routes and distances from Kant to Bishkek

Flagma calculates distances Kant Bishkek for car driving; offers the following routes: fastest, shortest, economy route 23 km; and determines car and truck driving times. Flagma simultaneously calculates distances between cities for all the routes.

In the table and on the map the roadways Kant Bishkek are shown with line patterns. Each road type has its own line pattern; the brighter and the thicker the pattern of the road from Kant to Bishkek is, the higher the class of the road is. The map and the table for the route Kant Bishkek can be printed out in A4 format.

Fuel consumption is calculated as a total amount of fuel consumed on each part of the way with a due account of the road type: freeway, highway,... In the calculation form please indicate the fuel consumption per 100 km for highway driving, according to the specifications of your vehicle.

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